Special transport

Oversized cargo

  • transporting any oversized cargo up to 150 tons to EU countries
  • we purchase special supplementary insurance for our clients
  • option of loading, unloading, and moving the cargo to the place of installation using a crane and special handling equipment

Hazardous transport

  • transporting loads requiring special permissions and ADR safety measures

High-value cargo transport

  • the transport of high-value cargo is covered by special insurance against almost any possible risks related to damage or theft

Express transport

  • transporting the cargo the fastest possible way, especially using vans with capacities up to 3.5 tons, the reaction time is up to 2 hours from the customer’s request

Combined transport

  • any combination of the above-mentioned transport options which may also include combining various means of transport – water, railway or air transport
  • arranging customs clearance of goods