Sample books, manual assembly

  • manual assembly of sample books for the presentation of your products and materials, such as paints, varnishes, façades, tiles, carpets, fabrics, HPL films, sidings, building materials, etc. – see our photo gallery
  • the sample books may be of any size, structural complexity, or material
  • option of graphic or structural design (see prepress, web, design), a possible support for POS’s, POPs and the marketing intentions of your company, including its integration into the CI
  • possibility of personal inspections at various phases of production
  • physical application of paints and varnishes (gluing, dipping, brushing, roller coating, spraying using Airless, Airmix technologies, etc.) on suitable background materials (such as paper, plastic, metal, etc.)
  • cutting, folding, bonding, embossing, foil stamping, milling, water beam cutting, laser or milling machine cutting and engraving
  • economical reworking – reworking instead printing new materials
  • finishing/assembly works - inserting, folding, gluing, stripping, die-cutting, riveting, collating, labelling, packing
  • mailing – direct and indirect mailing – preparation for DP AG and AT Post, Ink-Jet addressing, postage optimizing
  • employment for handicapped persons

Types of sample books:

  • fans
  • displays (banners)
  • folders, book slipcases
  • coated cardboard products
  • POS-POP stands



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